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264 | "Robot Movie Magic" from Medical Science to AI and Robotics with Dr. Sam Khoze from AI Life

  1. ✅ Movie Magic with Robots: Dr. Sam Khoze shares the intriguing story of how AI Life's robot, Erica, was cast in a movie, highlighting the importance of finding real-life robots for authenticity.
  2. ✅ Embracing Career Transitions: Dr. Khoze's journey from medical science to AI and robotics illustrates the power of embracing career changes, even later in life.
  3. ✅ The Role of Mentorship: Dr. Khoze emphasizes the value of mentorship, sharing how he was fortunate to connect with individuals who guided him in his AI and robotics venture.

Episode Summary:

In episode 264, Dr. Sam Khoze, CEO of AI Life, unveils the fascinating story behind casting a robot, Erica, in a movie. He discusses his collaboration with director Tony K, who desired a real robot for authenticity, and the subsequent partnership with Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro to bring Erica to the big screen.

Dr. Khoze reflects on his career journey, which began in medical science but later led him to the AI and robotics realm. He describes the challenges he faced during this transition, emphasizing the importance of taking chances, even when it might mean starting anew. He also underscores the role of mentorship and highlights the influence of luminaries.

The episode concludes with Dr. Khoze's vision for AI Life, with a short-term focus on using technology to combat loneliness among the elderly and a long-term aspiration to develop artificial intelligence that rivals human intelligence—a pursuit he acknowledges as both complex and awe-inspiring.


00:00 Intro

00:15 The Journey of Casting a Robot in a Movie

01:29 Unexpected Publicity Success

02:14 Career Transition into AI and Robotics

04:29 Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities

06:02 The Power of Mentorship

06:14 Recognizing and Seizing Opportunities

06:42 Future Goals for AI Life

07:45 The Complexity of Human Intelligence

09:39 Contact AI Life

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