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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Ben Johnson on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jan 13, 2024. The discussion revolves around Ben Johnson's success after overcoming challenges at Particle41. The information shared about Particle41 is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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312 | "The Customer Hero" with Ben Johnson from Particle41

Ben Johnson

Prioritize customer-centric approaches; see your business as a guide helping the customer, the hero, achieve their goals.

How did Ben Johnson With Particle41 Grow Their Business?

  1. 🗸 "Adopt extreme ownership in entrepreneurship; recognizing personal mistakes enables more effective problem-solving and growth."
  2. 🗸 "Prioritize customer-centric approaches; see your business as a guide helping the customer, the hero, achieve their goals."
  3. 🗸 "Balance professional ambition with personal life; dedicating time to family and self-care is as crucial as business success."

Episode Summary:

Ben Johnson, the founder of Particle41, shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights on the podcast. Particle41, named after the 41st element niobium, symbolizes making businesses stronger and more flexible. The company provides comprehensive software and product development solutions, offering "engineering teams in a box" that range from CTO advisory to hands-on development work.

Ben's first venture was an online travel company, which he grew to a prominent brand, partnering with key players like Kayak and Sidestep. Despite its initial success, the company struggled post-merger due to poor cash controls. Ben highlights a critical moment in his career when he had to quickly replace a lead investor for a former venture, showcasing his resilience and problem-solving skills. His ability to pivot and secure new investment under pressure was a turning point.

Ben emphasizes the importance of extreme ownership in entrepreneurship. He learned that expecting employees to share his level of commitment was unrealistic, but by taking responsibility for his actions, he could initiate meaningful changes. Another key lesson from Ben is the customer-centric approach, inspired by Donald Miller's book "Story Brand," where the customer is the hero, and the business acts as a guide.

Ben advises his younger self to maximize time use and maintain a balance between work and personal life. He believes in the significance of investing in relationships and self-care alongside professional endeavors. His story is a testament to the dynamic challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur.


00:00 Intro

00:06 Discussing Past Ventures and Challenges

01:01 The Birth of Particle41

01:33 Entrepreneurial Journey and First Venture

02:45 Overcoming Obstacles and Replacing Investors

03:34 Secrets to Scaling Businesses

04:24 Customer-Centric Approach in Business

05:33 Advice to Younger Self

06:46 Contact Ben

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