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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Christopher Goff on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jul 10, 2024. The discussion revolves around Christopher Goff's success after overcoming challenges at Sales Comp Guy. The information shared about Sales Comp Guy is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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How to Comp Your Salespeople

Christopher Goff

Effective sales compensation involves understanding market size, win rate, and translating these into appropriate compensation levels.

How did Christopher Goff With Sales Comp Guy Grow Their Business?

✅ Fair and competitive compensation is essential for motivating salespeople and aligning with organizational strategy.

✅ Salespeople have diverse personalities; understanding this helps in effective compensation and motivation.

✅ Effective sales compensation involves understanding market size, win rate, and translating these into appropriate compensation levels.

Episode Summary

In this episode, we chat with Christopher Goff, founder of Sales Comp Guy, a company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized organizations optimize their sales compensation strategies. Christopher shares insights on compensating and motivating salespeople, emphasizing the importance of fair and competitive compensation aligned with the company's strategy and culture.

Christopher discusses the diverse personalities of salespeople and how tailoring compensation plans to these differences can lead to greater effectiveness. He also highlights key topics from his book, "Starting Simple Sales Compensation," which serves as a guide for businesses new to hiring and compensating sales staff. Throughout the conversation, Christopher stresses the need for continuous evaluation and adjustment of compensation plans to ensure they remain effective and aligned with business goals.


00:00 Intro

00:22 Understanding Sales Compensation

01:19 Different Salesperson Personalities

02:35 Insights from Christopher's Book

04:14 Challenges in Sales Compensation

09:33 Contact Chris

Notable Questions We Asked Christopher Goff

What are the key components of a fair and effective sales compensation plan?

A fair compensation plan should be internally equitable, market competitive, and aligned with the organization's strategy and budget.

How do different salesperson personalities affect their compensation and motivation?

Salespeople have diverse personalities, and effective compensation plans consider these differences to align with their motivations and market needs.

What are some core topics covered in your book "Starting Simple Sales Compensation"?

The book covers basic sales compensation principles, translating business metrics into compensation plans, and practical resources for pricing and job content.

How can business owners overcome the fear of paying salespeople more than themselves?

Business owners should focus on whether salespeople are delivering the expected results and recognize that their compensation is front-loaded, unlike the owner's equity-based back-end gains.

Can you share a scenario where a sales compensation plan worked well and one where it didn't?

In one scenario, salespeople successfully converted customers to a new platform, despite it being a challenging task, while in another, misalignment with market needs led to underperformance and required plan reevaluation.

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