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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Andrew Denton on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Dec 09, 2023. The discussion revolves around Andrew Denton's success after overcoming challenges at Prosper AI. The information shared about Prosper AI is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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"Bumble for Jobs" with Andrew Denton from Prosper AI

Andrew Denton

Innovative Hiring Solutions: Prosper AI introduces efficiency to job matching, streamlining the hiring process. Its Bumble-like approach empowers candidates and addresses the challenges of traditional recruitment methods.

How did Andrew Denton With Prosper AI Grow Their Business?

✅ Lesson from Academic Journey: Early academic success doesn't always predict future paths. Struggles can lead to unexpected opportunities, emphasizing perseverance and reinvention.

✅ Building from Failure: Andrew's startup journey faced obstacles, teaching valuable lessons. Prosper AI emerged from the experience, demonstrating resilience and adaptation in entrepreneurship.

✅ Innovative Hiring Solutions: Prosper AI introduces efficiency to job matching, streamlining the hiring process. Its Bumble-like approach empowers candidates and addresses the challenges of traditional recruitment methods.

Episode 282 Summary:

Andrew Denton, CEO of Prosper AI, shares his unconventional journey from CVS Pharmacy to leading an AI company. Despite academic challenges, his resilience led to a master's in neuroscience. Medical school rejections birthed a health tech startup, providing lessons for Prosper AI's genesis. The platform, a job-seeking "Bumble," uses AI for efficient, aligned matches, revolutionizing hiring.


00:00 Intro

00:14 Andrew's Early Life and Academic Journey

00:41 The Struggles After College and Decision to Go Back to School

02:08 The Journey to Medical School and the Birth of a Startup Idea

03:09 The Genesis of Prosper AI

06:07 The Challenges and Strategies of Building a Marketplace

07:55 Potential Partnerships and Future Plans

08:39 How to Get Involved with Prosper AI

From Academic Success to Job Search Challenges:
Andrew Denton was an academic achiever throughout high school, graduating three years ahead of his peers. However, his success didn't continue in college, where he struggled and eventually graduated with a 2.7 GPA. Undeterred by these setbacks, Andrew knew he had more to offer and sought to enter the workforce. Unfortunately, finding employment proved to be challenging, and he ended up working dead-end jobs, including a pharmacist position at CVS Pharmacy.

The Turning Point and Pursuit of Excellence:
Realizing that his current path wasn't aligned with his ambitions, Andrew made a pivotal decision to go back to school. He contacted his alma mater and made every effort to gain admission into their master's program in applied neuroscience and cognition. Despite facing skepticism due to his previous academic record, Andrew persevered and promised outstanding results. And true to his word, he achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA while juggling a full-time job, internship, and coursework.

A Shift in Direction:
With his master's degree in hand, Andrew's next step seemed obvious - medical school. However, despite his impressive credentials, he faced countless rejections from medical schools. This setback led him to revisit an idea from a decade earlier - a medical health startup combining technology and healthcare. Andrew reached out to a friend, and together they founded Glia Health, focusing on diagnosing brain traumas using computer vision. Although the startup had to be put on hold due to funding challenges, Andrew gained valuable experience and insights that would shape his future.

The Birth of Prosper AI:
It was during his time at Glia Health that Andrew conceived the idea for Prosper AI. Seeking to revolutionize the job search process, he aimed to create a platform where companies and candidates could find each other efficiently, removing the inefficiencies and biases embedded in the current system. Prosper AI functions like "Bumble for jobs," with both parties creating profiles that are algorithmically matched based on skills and attributes.

The Power of AI in Job Matching:
The traditional job search process entails candidates applying for countless positions and recruiters sifting through numerous resumes, leading to time-intensive and often biased outcomes. Prosper AI streamlines this process, reducing profile creation to six minutes for candidates and even less for hiring managers. With the help of their proprietary AI matching algorithm, Prosper AI assigns both sides a match percentage, putting power back into the hands of candidates to select job opportunities they are genuinely interested in.

Partnering for Success:
Building a marketplace company like Prosper AI requires addressing the needs of both companies and candidates. Andrew and his team have established strategic partnerships, leveraging university networks and sororities/fraternities to attract talent and onboard organizations onto the platform. While the consumer space presents its challenges, Prosper AI's value proposition and positive user experiences organically drive market share growth.

Collaborating for a Better Future:
When it comes to partnerships, Andrew has his sights set on collaborating with established providers like Indeed, who possess extensive knowledge in the hiring and talent space. By working together, Prosper AI seeks to be a positive force within the broader job search landscape, providing innovative solutions and enhancing the recruitment process.

Andrew Denton's journey from a pharmacy job to becoming the CEO of Prosper AI is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. His determination to overcome challenges and his commitment to revolutionizing the job search process are commendable. Prosper AI's use of advanced AI technology to streamline job matching holds the potential to transform the future of recruitment. As Andrew Denton continues to lead Prosper AI, we can expect more groundbreaking advancements in the field of job search and talent acquisition.

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