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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Kristian Marquez on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jan 16, 2024. The discussion revolves around Kristian Marquez's success after overcoming challenges at FinStrat Management. The information shared about FinStrat Management is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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315 | "$80 Million Lessons" with Kristian Marquez from FinStrat Management

Kristian Marquez

Focus on delivering exceptional service; it's not just about profit, but providing solutions that genuinely solve client problems.

How did Kristian Marquez With FinStrat Management Grow Their Business?

  1. 🗸 "Embrace continuous learning and humility; self-teaching combined with seeking guidance from others can lead to significant professional growth."
  2. 🗸 "Focus on delivering exceptional service; it's not just about profit, but providing solutions that genuinely solve client problems."
  3. 🗸 "Plan with the end goal in mind; reverse-engineering from your ultimate business objective can guide strategic decisions and growth."

Episode Summary:

Kristian Marquez, CEO of FinStrat Management, shares his journey from a financial analyst to playing a pivotal role in a multi-billion dollar IPO and now leading a company providing specialized financial services. Holding two decades of experience as a CFA charter holder, Marquez highlights the lessons learned throughout his career. Initially hired at a small consulting firm, he soon found himself deeply involved in healthcare IT, where he helped grow a business from zero to $80 million in under two years.

Marquez emphasizes the importance of self-learning, humility, and asking for help when needed. His experience taught him the value of delivering exceptional service over merely focusing on profit. He explains how his previous company's success hinged on providing a comprehensive solution to clients, covering both analytics and healthcare operations.

Now at FinStrat Management, Marquez applies these lessons by helping early-stage businesses, particularly in B2B software, understand their financial trajectory and work towards their ultimate business goals. He advises companies to reverse-engineer their strategies from their desired end-point, focusing on top-line growth and investment in products or services. Marquez believes in solving real client problems, asserting that competence in service naturally attracts customers and drives business growth.


00:00 Intro

00:11 Journey to a Multi-Billion Dollar IPO

02:30 Lessons Learned from the Journey

03:06 The Importance of Delivering Great Service

05:32 Understanding and Achieving Business Objectives

07:18 Contact FinStrat Management

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