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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Kristian Hansen on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jan 18, 2024. The discussion revolves around Kristian Hansen's success after overcoming challenges at Slø Jeans. The information shared about Slø Jeans is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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317 | "Pockets and Persistence" with Kristian Hansen from Slø Jeans

Kristian Hansen

Consider community crowdfunding for consumer products; it creates a deeply connected customer base and offers valuable insights.

How did Kristian Hansen With Slø Jeans Grow Their Business?

  1. 🗸 "Leverage community feedback to innovate and improve products, as seen in Slø Jeans' approach to addressing fashion industry gaps."
  2. 🗸 "Embrace the challenges and learnings of startup launch days; initial setbacks can lead to greater success and community building."
  3. 🗸 "Consider community crowdfunding for consumer products; it creates a deeply connected customer base and offers valuable insights."

Episode Summary:

Kristian Hansen, founder of Slø Jeans, shares the story of his company's journey from a viral TikTok moment to a successful fashion brand. The launch day for Slø Jeans was fraught with challenges, including a website crash due to overwhelming traffic and customer support inundation, but these hurdles ultimately contributed to the brand's success and community engagement.

Slø Jeans' unique approach involved direct community involvement from the outset. The brand's concept was born when Kristian accidentally bought a pair of women's jeans and shared his frustration on TikTok, leading to an outpouring of similar grievances from women about their jeans. This led to the creation of Slø Jeans, focusing on providing jeans with pockets, addressing a common issue in women's fashion.

The company's success is rooted in its deep connection with the community. They utilized a Google form to gather feedback on what consumers desired in their jeans, resulting in over 700,000 submissions. This direct line to the customer base allowed Slø Jeans to tailor their products to real needs and desires, differentiating them from traditional fashion brands.

Kristian's entrepreneurial journey was fueled by his willingness to adapt and learn from various experiences. Despite initially planning for a tech startup, he pivoted to fashion when he recognized a genuine consumer need. Slø Jeans was community-funded through WeFunder, raising $300,000 organically from TikTok followers, which helped maintain a strong connection with their customer base and supported sustainable growth.

Looking forward, Slø Jeans plans to expand beyond jeans to other staple wardrobe items, aiming to offer durable, well-fitting, and long-lasting clothing. Kristian's story highlights the importance of listening to consumer feedback, embracing entrepreneurial flexibility, and the power of community-driven business models in creating a successful brand.


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00:05 The Launch Day Chaos

02:19 The Power of Community

03:56 The Birth of SLO

06:08 The Decision to Build a Brand

07:26 The Impact of Community Funding

09:16 The Future of SLO

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