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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Brynne Tillman on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jan 30, 2024. The discussion revolves around Brynne Tillman's success after overcoming challenges at Social Sales Link. The information shared about Social Sales Link is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Brynne Tillman

mbrace the Power of Curiosity: Sales success hinges on genuine curiosity about clients' needs, leading to tailored solutions and long-term relationships.

How did Brynne Tillman With Social Sales Link Grow Their Business?

  1. 🔑 Solve, Don't Sell: Sales is about solving problems for clients, not just making commissions. Focus on uncovering and addressing clients' needs effectively.
  2. 🔑 Trust-Based Relationships: Building trust with clients through genuine solutions transforms them into long-term customers or lifetime referrers.
  3. 🔑 Curiosity and Detachment: Approach sales with genuine curiosity about the client's business and detach from personal gains to develop real rapport and tailored solutions.

Brynne Tillman, the founder of Social Sales Link, shares her profound insights into transforming sales through LinkedIn and building meaningful relationships. Her journey began at Dun & Bradstreet, where she learned the essence of sales: solving problems for clients, not just earning commissions. This epiphany shaped her approach to sales, emphasizing the importance of genuinely addressing clients' needs to create long-term relationships or referrals.

Brynne discusses the significance of trust in sales. She highlights how doing the right thing for clients fosters more than a vendor-client relationship—it builds trust and positions you as a trusted advisor. The conversation then delves into the role of curiosity in sales, underscoring the need to detach from potential commissions and focus on understanding and meeting the client's requirements.

The episode also covers earning the right to initiate conversations through compelling content. Brynne stresses the importance of creating content that resonates with prospects, educating them, and engaging them to move from passive observers to active participants in the sales process. This approach is crucial in building rapport and establishing trust.

Throughout the interview, Brynne reinforces the idea that sales should be based on true curiosity and a genuine desire to help clients. By detaching from the notion of earning commissions and concentrating on the client's well-being, sales professionals can develop bespoke solutions that genuinely benefit their clients, leading to successful and enduring business relationships.


00:00 Intro

00:08 Brynne's Early Career and a Life-Changing Experience

02:32 The Importance of Problem-Solving in Sales

03:08 Transition to Social Sales and Building Trust

03:43 The Art of Providing Value and Building Rapport

05:48 The Power of Curiosity in Sales

09:06 The Art of Creating Compelling Content

12:13 The Power of Custom Content

17:26 The Importance of Capturing Your Genius

19:15 Contact Brynne

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