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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Jeremy Parker on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Mar 21, 2024. The discussion revolves around Jeremy Parker's success after overcoming challenges at The information shared about is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Jeremy Parker

Leveraging a millennial-focused, technology-driven approach, disrupted traditional swag sales strategies.

How did Jeremy Parker With Grow Their Business?

Company Stats

  • Founded: January 2016
  • Employees: 100+
  • Annual Revenue: has surpassed $40 million in annual sales, up from over $30 million at the point of acquisition by Custom Ink.
  • Growth Timeline: It took approximately six years to scale to its current level, with sales starting from $350,000 in the first year and doubling each year until acquisition by Custom Ink in November 2021.

Episode Highlights:

  • ✅ From idea to over $40 million in sales, exemplifies rapid scaling in the promotional merchandise sector.
  • ✅ Leveraging a millennial-focused, technology-driven approach, disrupted traditional swag sales strategies.
  • ✅ The founding of Swag Space introduces a universal platform, enabling a broader market to effortlessly sell and distribute promotional products.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode, Jeremy Parker, the co-founder of and founder of Swag Space, shares his entrepreneurial journey from conceptualizing in 2016 to scaling it to over $40 million in annual sales. Focused on disrupting the traditional promotional merchandise market, Parker and his team developed a technology-driven platform tailored to a millennial audience, enabling rapid growth and an eventual acquisition by Custom Ink. Following the acquisition, Parker introduced Swag Space, a new division aiming to revolutionize how promotional products are sold and distributed by leveraging Custom Ink's infrastructure and’s technology. Parker's story is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in transforming industries and the importance of agility and customer focus in achieving rapid business growth.


00:00 Intro

00:08 Company Stats

01:46 Rapid Scaling and Acquisition

04:53 Identifying the Right Market

07:04 The Acquisition

08:37 Introducing Swagspace

11:01 Expanding the Market

14:32 Learn about Swagspace

Notable Questions We Asked Jeremy Parker

What led to the rapid growth of's growth was fueled by a focus on millennial buyers, leveraging technology to streamline the purchasing process, and targeting underserved market segments like office managers.

How did manage to scale its operations so quickly?

By prioritizing technology development, understanding customer needs through direct sales efforts before launching their e-commerce platform, and capitalizing on a curated product range.

What is Swag Space, and how does it aim to transform the promotional products industry?

Swag Space is a new division under Custom Ink and, offering a universal platform for anyone to easily sell and distribute promotional products, leveraging existing infrastructure and technology to streamline operations for promo distributors, designers, and event planners.

What was the experience of being acquired like for

The acquisition process by Custom Ink took nearly two years. It resulted in a partnership that aligns with the strategic vision of both companies.

How can entrepreneurs benefit from Swag Space?

Entrepreneurs, especially those new to the promotional products industry, can use Swag Space to enter the market without the traditional barriers, benefiting from established technology and supply chain infrastructure to sell a wide range of swag to their networks.

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