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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Adam Spector on his podcast "Failing to Success" on May 01, 2024. The discussion revolves around Adam Spector's success after overcoming challenges at Levy. The information shared about Levy is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Adam Spector

Levy, under Adam’s leadership, approaches $3 million in ARR with a robust team of 40, highlighting significant growth.

How did Adam Spector With Levy Grow Their Business?

Company Stats:

  • Founded: 2022
  • Revenue: $3 million in ARR
  • Employees: 40

Episode Highlights:

  • ✅ Adam Spector transitions from a service business to founding Levy, focusing on back-office operations for startups.
  • ✅ Levy, under Adam’s leadership, approaches $3 million in ARR with a robust team of 40, highlighting significant growth.
  • ✅ From a $10 million raised startup to founding Levy, Adam utilizes past experiences to enhance his current venture.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Adam Spector, founder of Levy, discusses the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the transition from his previous venture to starting Levy. He highlights how past experiences and the initial concept of automating back-office operations for startups led to the creation of Levy. With nearly $3 million in annual recurring revenue and a growing team of 40 employees, Levy aims to alleviate the back-office burdens for startups. Adam also delves into his investment strategies, sharing insights from participating in over 150 startup investments and the philosophy behind spreading risks as an investor compared to the all-in commitment required as a founder.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Company Stats

00:35 Learning from Past Ventures

01:42 Investment Strategies and Startup Insights

04:44 Lessons from Failure

06:15 Investment Successes and Philosophy

08:18 Personal Investment Strategies and Startup Passion

10:18 Connect with Adam

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Notable Questions We Asked Adam Spector

Can you share how the concept for Levy evolved from your previous company?

We spun off from a service business within my previous company that handled back-office operations, recognizing the persistent need across startups for such services.

What lessons from your past ventures have been most influential in shaping Levy?

Learning from the complexity and limitations of automating back-office functions led us to refine our approach with Levy, focusing on service rather than full automation.

How do you balance your roles as both a founder and an investor in the startup ecosystem?

My role as a founder informs my investments; I leverage personal experience to connect with and evaluate other founders, focusing on their commitment and the potential of their ventures.

What criteria do you prioritize when deciding to invest in a startup?

I look for founders who are exceptionally dedicated and optimistic about their ventures, as this often correlates with the resilience needed to overcome inevitable challenges.

With numerous startups under your belt, what have you learned about managing growth and scalability?

It's crucial to focus not just on scalable solutions but also on sustainable business practices that can support long-term growth and adaptation in a dynamic market environment.

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