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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Rhett Roberts on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Apr 24, 2024. The discussion revolves around Rhett Roberts's success after overcoming challenges at LoanPro. The information shared about LoanPro is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Rhett Roberts

Scaling LoanPro to a $50 million enterprise by focusing on technological solutions for loan servicing.

How did Rhett Roberts With LoanPro Grow Their Business?

Company Stats:

  • Founded: 2017
  • Annual Revenue: $50 million+
  • Employees: 218

Episode Highlights:

  • ✅ Rhett Roberts scaled LoanPro to a $50 million enterprise by focusing on technological solutions for loan servicing.
  • ✅ Transitioned from auto lending to creating powerful software that supports diverse loan management needs.
  • ✅ Emphasizes the importance of innovation and iteration in evolving business models and technologies.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Rhett Roberts, CEO of LoanPro, shares the evolutionary journey of his company, which now garners over $50 million in revenue and employs 218 people. Founded in 2017, LoanPro emerged from the practical needs of auto lending to become a leader in loan servicing software, providing tools for various types of loans and compliance needs. Rhett discusses the origins of the company, the challenges of managing a vast array of loans, and the strategic pivot from internal tools to a comprehensive tech platform for lenders. The narrative underscores the importance of adaptability, technological innovation, and customer-focused solutions in the financial services industry.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Company Stats

00:42 Business Adaptation

01:42 The Birth of LoanPro

06:47 The Family Business

09:20 Sustainable Culture

10:42 How to Connect with LoanPro

Notable Questions We Asked Rhett Roberts

How did LoanPro evolve from a tool within an auto lending business to a comprehensive software platform for various lenders?

Rhett explains how the initial challenges in auto loan management led to the development of LoanPro, emphasizing the transition from a niche solution to a versatile platform that addresses broader market needs.

What strategies have you employed to scale LoanPro's operations and reach over $50 million in revenue?

Rhett discusses the importance of iterative development, customer feedback, and staying ahead of technological advancements to continuously improve and expand the software's capabilities.

How do you ensure that LoanPro stays compliant with the varying regulations across different types of loans?

He highlights the adaptive nature of LoanPro's software, designed to accommodate changes in legislation and industry standards, ensuring compliance and ease of use for clients.

Given your journey, what advice would you give to other entrepreneurs aiming to innovate within established industries?

Rhett advises on the necessity of resilience, the willingness to pivot when necessary, and the importance of building a product that genuinely solves user problems.

Can you elaborate on the significance of customer feedback in LoanPro's developmental process?

He underscores how customer insights drive the evolution of LoanPro's features and services, ensuring the software not only meets current demands but also anticipates future needs.

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