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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Robert Esposito on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Mar 26, 2024. The discussion revolves around Robert Esposito's success after overcoming challenges at US Relocators. The information shared about US Relocators is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Robert Esposito

The importance of personalized customer service as a fundamental pillar for business success.

How did Robert Esposito With US Relocators Grow Their Business?

Company Stats:

  • Founded: 2008
  • Employees: 65+
  • Annual Revenue: $7 million+

Episode Highlights:

  • ✔️ Navigates through expansion challenges and strategically pivots towards commercial real estate in 2015, broadening business scope.
  • ✔️ Scales from a moving service to owning five commercial buildings, offering a wide range of storage and rental solutions.
  • ✔️ Emphasizes the importance of personalized customer service as a fundamental pillar for business success, inspired by early career mentorship experiences.

Episode Summary:

This episode delves into the entrepreneurial journey of Robert, who has successfully navigated his business through 16 years of operation, reaching approximately $7 million in annual revenue with a team of 60-70 employees. The narrative unfolds around pivotal moments, including a significant business pivot in 2015 towards commercial real estate, which involved acquiring buildings annually for storage and rental purposes. Robert's story is one of resilience, adaptation, and the importance of maintaining a personal touch in customer service, echoing the mentorship lessons he learned early in his career. His ventures now span full-service moving, estate cleanouts, online auctions, and specialized services for high-stress situations like out-of-state moving and restoration pack-outs after disasters, demonstrating a diversified business model built on the foundation of addressing customer stress and providing reliable solutions.


00:00 Intro

00:04 Company Stats

00:22 Overcoming Challenges

01:34 Commercial Real Estate Expansion

02:20 Expanding from Local to Nationwide

03:15 When to Pivot in Business

03:57 The Impact of Mentorship

05:01 Customer Service Philosophy

05:37 Redefining Success Through Different Life Stages

06:56 Diversifying Services and Managing Stress for Clients

08:28 How to Connect with U.S. Relocators

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Notable Questions We Asked Robert Esposito

How did Robert's business evolve over 16 years?

The business expanded from moving services to acquiring commercial real estate for storage and rental, diversifying into specialized services like estate cleanouts, online auctions, and restoration pack-outs.

What was a significant pivot in the business model?

In 2015, a strategic pivot towards commercial real estate was made, focusing on acquiring buildings annually for various storage solutions, catering to a broader client base beyond moving services.

How does Robert view challenges in business?

Robert views challenges as tests to overcome and preparation for further growth, highlighting the importance of adapting and pivoting when necessary.

What role has mentorship played in Robert's entrepreneurial journey?

Mentorship has been crucial, providing guidance, insights, and support throughout his career, underscoring the value of learning from others' experiences.

What is the key to Robert's customer service approach?

Treating every client like a guest, focusing on alleviating stress during high-tension situations like moving or dealing with property damage, thereby earning long-term loyalty and referrals.

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