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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Lior Eshel on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Jan 19, 2024. The discussion revolves around Lior Eshel's success after overcoming challenges at TestDynamics. The information shared about TestDynamics is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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318 | "AI in Medical Imaging" with Lior Eshel from TestDynamics

Lior Eshel

Personal experiences can be powerful motivators for innovation, as seen in Lior Eshel's journey to revolutionize medical imaging after a family misdiagnosis.

How did Lior Eshel With TestDynamics Grow Their Business?

  1. 🗸 "Personal experiences can be powerful motivators for innovation, as seen in Lior Eshel's journey to revolutionize medical imaging after a family misdiagnosis."
  2. 🗸 "Develop a platform that aggregates and simplifies AI algorithms for medical diagnostics, addressing the challenge of choice overload for healthcare professionals."
  3. 🗸 "Emphasize the importance of user-friendly interfaces and workflows in AI deployment, making advanced technology accessible to non-tech-savvy medical professionals."

Episode Summary:

Lior Eshel, founder of TestDynamics, shares his journey into the AI revolution for medical imaging and diagnostics, a venture inspired by his father's misdiagnosis with lung cancer. This personal experience revealed the challenges in radiology, such as overworked and understaffed radiologists facing massive backlogs, driving Lior to explore how technology could address these issues.

TestDynamics was born out of the need to streamline the integration and use of multiple AI algorithms in medical imaging. The company aims to serve as a middleman platform, aggregating various AI algorithms and offering a unified interface for radiologists. This approach not only provides a range of tools but also handles IT security, legal integrations, and other backend operations, making it easier for hospitals to deploy and switch between algorithms as needed.

Lior emphasizes the slow adoption of AI in healthcare, with only 5% of U.S. hospitals using AI currently. His platform seeks to accelerate this process by focusing on user-friendly workflows and interfaces that simplify AI for doctors. Before founding TestDynamics, Lior had extensive experience in the startup world, including running an engineering house and participating in the vibrant startup ecosystem in Israel.

Funding for TestDynamics came initially through bootstrapping, followed by angel investment and venture capital. Lior's story highlights the transformative power of personal experiences in inspiring entrepreneurial ventures and the potential of AI to significantly improve medical diagnostics and patient outcomes.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Personal Story and Motivation Behind TestDynamics

00:33 Understanding the Challenges in Radiology

01:38 The Birth of TestDynamics

02:47 The Unique Approach of TestDynamics

04:47 The Impact of AI on Healthcare

07:51 The Journey of Raising Capital

08:35 Contact Lior

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