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169 | Learning from Failure | Finding Product Market Fit | New Startup Approach | Investor Choice with Laura Werle from

🗝️ Learning from Failure: Laura Werle's experience of downsizing her previous B2B startup highlights the importance of not forcing product-market fit and embracing empathy in tough decisions.

🚀 Startup Approach: Laura emphasizes the significance of user testing, starting small, and listening to customers' needs before scaling a business.

💼 Investor Relations: Choosing compatible investors is crucial for success. Laura praises her investors' support and the close relationship that aligns with the business's vision.

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In this episode 169 of "Failing to Success", Laura Werle, CEO of Snackz.Ai, delves into the challenges and lessons learned from her previous startup. She discusses the need to avoid forcing product-market fit and the value of starting small and engaging in user testing. Laura reflects on investor relations, highlighting the importance of finding investors whose values align with the company's mission. She also shares insights about her fascination with psychology and the book "The Art of Loving," underscoring its relevance in relationship-building and entrepreneurship.

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