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160 | How To Build An AI-Driven Solution For Government Innovation with Inquisio.Ai Startup Founder Josh Penner

👁️ Deep Problem Understanding: Founders should focus on deeply understanding the problem they aim to solve, as even "overnight success" stories often stem from years of problem contemplation rather than instant solutions.

🌐 Unexpected Opportunities: Navigating unexpected opportunities can lead to innovative solutions. Josh's experience with multilingual interaction for municipal tools demonstrates how problem-solving can take unforeseen, beneficial directions.

🏛️ Government Tech Strategy: Josh highlights the strategic advantage of targeting a pricing level that doesn't necessitate legislative approval, aligning with government authority thresholds. Leveraging background in local government, they accelerate adoption through administrative channels.

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In this episode 160 of "Failing to Success", Josh Penner, CEO of Inquisio.Ai, shares insights into building successful startups and his journey from being a mayor to creating an AI-driven solution for government efficiency. He emphasizes that overnight success often stems from profound problem understanding and recounts how unplanned multilingual interaction opportunities reshaped his tool's positioning. Leveraging their deep understanding of government dynamics, Inquisio.Ai strategically avoids pricing decisions requiring legislative action. Josh's advice for entrepreneurs includes problem validation and fearless testing. His personal journey underscores the value of patience and the multi-year efforts underlying apparent "overnight success."

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:10 Overnight Success Doesn't Happen Overnight

00:01:10 The Inflection Point

00:03:48 Strategic Advantage

00:05:17 From Mayor to AI Technologist

00:08:12 Identifying the Problem

00:10:28 Advice to Entrepreneurs

00:12:02 Contact Josh

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