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267 | $165 Million in Revenue in Ecommerce Bags - Grow, Sell, Exit, Repeat with Jon Nordmark from

  1. ✅ Strategic Pivot to Profitability: Jon Nordmark shares the pivotal moment at eBags, transforming from burning $1 million a month to becoming one of the first profitable dot-coms. The key was an 81% cut in marketing expenses and a strategic focus on profitability.
  2. ✅ Exit Dynamics: The exit journey from eBags, valued at over $100 million, unveils challenges of being part of a venture portfolio. Jon emphasizes the impact of external pressures and the strategic decision to sell to Samsonite, leading to significant changes in the company's dynamics.
  3. ✅ Transition to AI with Jon discusses the inspiration behind entering the AI scene with The move was motivated by experiences at eBags, where they constantly tested new technologies.'s evolution, focused on customer needs and a patient, low-code approach, contrasts with the rapid growth pressure experienced at eBags.

Episode Summary:

In episode 267, Jon Nordmark, CEO of, shares the transformative journey from eBags to The narrative unfolds the challenges faced at eBags, where a strategic pivot to profitability involved cutting marketing expenses by 81%. The episode delves into the dynamics of eBags' exit, the impact of venture funding, and the eventual acquisition by Samsonite.

The transition to is explored, highlighting the inspiration drawn from eBags' experimentation with new technologies. Jon details the company's focus on addressing customer needs, as evidenced by the creation of the low-code AI platform, Interplay. Unlike eBags, prioritizes patient, customer-driven growth over rapid expansion.

Throughout the discussion, Jon contrasts the experiences of both ventures, emphasizing the importance of strategic planning, responding to customer needs, and maintaining a genuine focus on product development.


00:00 Intro

00:23 The Journey of eBags: From Burning Cash to Profitability

02:05 The Exit of eBags and Its Aftermath

05:34 Transition into the AI Scene with

07:38 The Evolution and Success of

10:30 Advice for New Entrepreneurs

13:30 Contact

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