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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Jeff Schulze on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Nov 29, 2023. The discussion revolves around Jeff Schulze's success after overcoming challenges at Naptic AI. The information shared about Naptic AI is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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273 | "Success Isn't Absence of Failure but Getting Up Each Time" with Jeff Schulze from Naptic AI

Jeff Schulze

Embrace failures: Success isn't absence of failure but getting up each time. C. S. Lewis's wisdom on turnaround time defines true greatness.

How did Jeff Schulze With Naptic AI Grow Their Business?

✅ Embrace failures: Success isn't absence of failure but getting up each time. C. S. Lewis's wisdom on turnaround time defines true greatness.

✅ Honesty is key: Failing correctly involves being honest, transparent, and not compromising integrity, paving the way for genuine success and growth.

✅ Behavioral analytics with Naptic AI: Revolutionizing surveillance through computer vision, predicting behaviors, and aiding intervention in areas like bullying and theft in schools and retail.

In episode 273, Jeff Schulze, CEO of Naptic AI, shares valuable experiences and advice for business enthusiasts:

Jeff highlights the power of embracing failure, drawing inspiration from C. S. Lewis. He stresses that success isn't avoiding failure but the ability to rise again, emphasizing the importance of honesty and integrity in the journey.

Transitioning to business, Jeff introduces Naptic AI's groundbreaking work in behavioral analytics. Using computer vision, they predict and detect behaviors, addressing issues like bullying in schools and theft in retail. Jeff's journey, from overcoming failures to leading innovative ventures, offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs.


00:00 Intro

00:41 Learning to Persevere Through Challenges

03:09 The Importance of Embracing Failures

04:41 Sharing Embarrassing Experiences

05:31 Learning to be a Good Manager

07:02 Steps to Failing Correctly

08:51 Introduction to Naptic AI

09:08 How Naptic AI Works

10:33 Contact Jeff

In this blog post, we delve into the remarkable journey of Jeff Schulze, the CEO of Naptic AI. Jeff shares his insights on the struggles he faced while raising funds for his venture and the lessons he learned along the way. From a young age, Jeff had a relentless drive for success, but it was his ability to fail correctly and embrace his failures that ultimately led him to establish Naptic AI. Join us as we explore the core values and groundbreaking work of Naptic AI, where AI-powered advanced threat detection and behavioral modeling analytics are transforming industries.

The Struggles of Raising Funds:
The process of raising funds for a startup is never easy, and Jeff Schulze's experience was no exception. He opens up about the numerous rejections he faced and the feelings of defeat that accompanied each "no." However, Jeff emphasizes that these rejections allowed him to build valuable relationships that eventually proved to be invaluable for his venture. It was during this period that he learned the importance of perseverance and the ability to rise again after failure.

The Influence of Failure:
Jeff Schulze's journey is an inspiring tale of resilience, and he attributes much of his success to the lessons he learned from failure. As a published author and entrepreneur from a young age, Jeff initially chased society's definition of success - wealth, luxury, and independence. However, it was a quote from C. S. Lewis that struck a chord with him: "Failure isn't a measure of greatness; what makes a man great is how many times he gets back up." This resonated with Jeff and became a guiding principle throughout his journey.

Failing Correctly:
One of the key takeaways from Jeff's discourse is the concept of failing correctly. Jeff outlines two crucial steps in failing correctly. The first step is to own your failure and learn from it. He emphasizes the importance of embracing failure rather than becoming defensive when faced with criticism. The second step is staying true to oneself and doing what is right, even in the face of adversity. Jeff stresses the significance of honesty, integrity, and ethical decision-making, which ultimately shape one's reputation and contribute to long-term success.

The Birth of Naptic AI:
Jeff Schulze's unwavering commitment to failing forward led him to establish Naptic AI. Naptic AI is revolutionizing industries through its advanced threat detection and behavioral modeling analytics. Instead of relying solely on facial detection, Naptic AI uses computer vision to analyze and predict human behavior. This technology has proven invaluable in detecting and addressing issues such as bullying in schools and reducing theft and vandalism in retail settings. The team at Naptic AI is dedicated to creating a safer and more secure world through the power of AI.

Get in Touch with Naptic AI:
For those interested in learning more about Naptic AI and their groundbreaking work, Jeff Schulze invites you to reach out. You can contact Naptic AI at or directly reach Jeff at

Jeff Schulze's story is a testament to the power of perseverance, embracing failure, and staying true to oneself. His journey from multiple rejections to establishing the innovative Naptic AI serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and individuals alike. By learning to fail correctly and finding the strength to rise after each setback, Jeff Schulze has paved the way for success in the AI and analytics industry.

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