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257 | Turning Layoffs into An Opportunity of Accumulated Experience with Britton Stamper from

✅ Turning Layoffs into Opportunity: How Britton Stamper's journey as an entrepreneur began with getting laid off.

✅ Recognizing Opportunities: Stamper discusses how being laid off enabled him to take the leap he'd always wanted.

✅ Accumulated Experience: Leveraging years of startup experience to inform business decisions and product development.

In this episode 257 of "Failing to Success", the co-founder of Push.Ai, Britton Stamper, shares his journey, beginning from being laid off in the tech industry to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Pushing past numerous hurdles, Britton talks about how he and his co-founder leveraged their industry knowledge and contacts to build the company. The episode showcases how they have used raised funds to develop their product and their plans to raise more capital. Britton explains their testing and customer identification strategy, focusing on data professionals and adding value to varied business teams. Lastly, he shares the company's forward-looking strategies that involve reinventing conventional data business models using new technologies.

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