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161 | Secure AI Model Deployment: Model Security Vs Commercialization | Navigating AI Hype with Sahil Agarwal from Enkrypt AI

🚀 Navigating AI Hype: Amidst the AI buzz, distinguishing between genuine technology builders and trend exploiters is crucial for long-term success.

🌐 Future of Machine Learning: As AI becomes an integral part of human workflows, establishing secure infrastructure for seamless integration and preventing misuse is vital.

🔒 Balancing Security and Commerce: Protecting AI models while enabling enterprise usage ensures model providers' IP remains secure while enabling monetization.

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In this episode 161 of "Failing to Success", Sahil Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Enkrypt AI, shares insights into the challenges and solutions around AI model deployment. Amidst the AI buzz, Sahil emphasizes the importance of distinguishing genuine technology development from opportunism. He discusses the necessity of creating secure infrastructures for integrating AI into workflows and maintaining the balance between model security and commercialization.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:18 AI Is The New Crypto

00:04:01 AI IP Protection

00:08:02 The Inspiration

00:10:14 Raising Capital

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