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165 | Operationalizing AI in Defense and Intelligence | Rapid Retraining with Active Learning | Featuring Rob Albritton from Octo (acquired by IBM)

✅ Operationalizing AI in sectors like defense and intelligence remains a challenge due to models not making it into production.

✅ Active learning enables rapid model retraining, essential for maintaining accuracy in dynamic environments.

✅ AI's evolution will lead to more automation, job creation, and integration into everyday life.

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In this episode 165 of "Failing to Success", Rob Albritton, VP of AI at Octo (acquired by IBM), delves into operationalizing AI, especially in defense and intelligence. The challenge lies in ensuring that AI models make it into production, rather than being shelved. Octo addresses this with tools like their ML ops platform, simplifying model deployment. Active learning facilitates rapid retraining, a crucial aspect for maintaining AI accuracy in dynamic environments. Rob draws parallels between interacting with AI models and teaching children, underlining that ongoing interaction refines AI behavior. He shares his AI journey, initiated by the prospect of saving lives. Rob emphasizes trusting the career journey, a sentiment he would share with his younger self. Looking ahead, he envisions AI's expansion, with automation creating jobs and becoming an integral part of daily life.

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