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163 | Using AI and Computer Vision in Real Estate to Create an Efficient Market with Nicolas Lassaux from

👥 Targeting the Right Market: Startups should approach the market strategically, avoiding premature outreach to big players, and instead focus on refining their product with smaller clients to gather valuable feedback and improve readiness.

🚀 Efficient Real Estate Solutions: employs AI and computer vision to unlock untapped data within real estate images and text, helping investors make informed decisions, optimize pricing, and benchmark their property.

🌐 Impact on Real Estate: The fusion of data and AI in real estate is enhancing decision-making and market efficiency, enabling better investment choices and potentially leading to higher liquidity in the market.

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In this episode 163 of "Failing to Success", Nico Lassaux, co-founder of, shares insights into the startup's journey, emphasizing the significance of correct market targeting. His advice underscores the benefits of focusing on smaller clients for effective product refinement before scaling. The interview delves into's innovative use of AI to extract hidden data from real estate images and text, catering to investors' needs for informed decisions, pricing optimization, and improved market understanding. The integration of AI in real estate holds the potential to elevate market efficiency and provide a competitive edge.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 Targeting the Right Market

00:01:52 The Current Tech

00:06:58 A More Efficient Real Estate Market

00:09:51 Advice to New Founders

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