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Renewable Energy Insights with GE - AI, Sustainability & Opportunities - Learn from Claus Rose, VP of EHS Renewables at GE

Key Talking Points:

✅ The energy sector is undergoing a significant transition towards renewables, presenting numerous opportunities for job growth and a better future for the planet.

✅ The demand for technicians in the renewable sector is increasing rapidly, with approximately 570,000 technicians needed globally within the next five years.

✅ The lack of skilled workers is a significant challenge for the energy industry, particularly in areas like offshore wind projects where experience is limited.

✅ Artificial intelligence (AI) can assist in analyzing data and freeing up resources, but humans are still essential for tasks like building power plants.

✅ Individuals should continuously challenge themselves, embrace failure as a learning opportunity, and explore new possibilities to make a meaningful impact in the renewable energy space.

In this episode, Claus Rose, Vice President of EHS Renewables at GE, discusses the transition to renewable energy and the opportunities it presents for job growth. Claus highlights the growing demand for technicians in renewables and the challenge of finding skilled individuals, particularly in offshore wind projects. He also discusses the role of artificial intelligence in analyzing data and emphasizes the importance of humans in tasks like building power plants. Claus encourages individuals to continuously challenge themselves, embrace failure, and explore new possibilities to contribute meaningfully to the renewable energy industry.

Website links:

Claus Rose of EHS Renewables at GE:

Chad Kaleky from Cosmic Design:


00:00:00 Intro to the GE Energy Portfolio

00:00:41 What GE is Doing in Renewables

00:01:19 Renewable Energy Sector Growth

00:03:43 AI vs Energy

00:04:24 Developing the Skills to Work in Renewable Energy

00:05:41 How Claus Ended Up in Renewables

00:08:03 Developing a Career as Opposed to a Job

00:09:31 Technological Breakthrough in EHS Machine Learning

00:15:53 200,000 People Job Gap

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