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266 | An In-Depth Look into Enhancing Online Meetings with Artem Koren

  1. ✅ Strategic Expansion to Ukraine: Artem Koren shares the unexpected journey of living in Ukraine for three years during the formation of The decision, driven by Ukraine's talent pool and cost-effectiveness, shifted from remote management to Artem residing in Ukraine due to the intense need for daily interaction.
  2. ✅ Global Team Dynamics: The evolution of's team from a small group in Odessa to a geographically diversified team across Europe and the United States. Artem emphasizes the significance of viral adoption, with new users joining based on witnessing the tool's effectiveness in other meetings.
  3. ✅ Practical Benefits of Artem outlines the core features of, including an automatically generated library of meeting content, AI-generated meeting notes, and a focus on understanding tasks within meetings. The tool enhances collaboration, accessibility, and productivity, offering a valuable solution for teams with a high volume of meetings.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Artem Koren, co-founder of, shares the unique journey of living in Ukraine during the company's formation. The strategic decision to tap into Ukraine's talent pool led to unexpected personal and professional experiences. The global team's evolution from a small group in Odessa to a diverse team across continents highlights's growth and adaptability.

Artem delves into the practical benefits of, emphasizing its role in automatically generating a searchable library of meeting content, AI-driven meeting notes in multiple languages, and a focus on understanding and managing tasks within meetings. The tool's ability to enhance collaboration and streamline communication is underlined, making it a valuable asset for teams with frequent meetings.

The discussion also touches on the evolving landscape of AI in meetings, noting a shift from initial skepticism to a strong value proposition that attracts users organically. Artem provides insights into the impact of on meeting efficiency and highlights its potential in various business scenarios.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Artem's Journey to Ukraine

01:53 Life and Work in Ukraine

03:25 Building a Global Team

03:59 Understanding

06:26 The Impact of AI in Meetings

06:45 The Evolution of AI in Business

08:35 The Practical Benefits of

10:11 How to Try

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