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The Story of Perseverance and Success from Cold Calling to Online Sales with Wes The Sales Whisperer

Welcome to “Failing to Success”, the podcast that’s all about turning failures into successes. Join us as we sit down with Wes Schaeffer, the founder of The Sales Whisperer, who is interviewed by our host Chad Kaleky. Wes talks about his journey of building his sales training and marketing company for the last 17 years. He shares that he started his company because he was frustrated working in corporate America and invested in himself to get better. He took a 12-week course by a sales coach, which helped him to lay the foundation for his business.

Wes talks about how he coped with the stress of running a business and supporting his large family, saying that it was just something he had to do, and he was cut out for it. He started laying the foundation for his business in 2006, while still working a W-2 job. He was laid off in early 2007, which led him to start his own business full-time.

In the early days of his business, Wes faced several challenges, including not having a website or merchant account, and having to invoice clients and receive payments through checks or wire transfers. He was also cold calling and doing live events to make sales. However, he expanded his offerings over time, started using technology, and automating things to scale his business.

Wes talks about some of the bad clients he took on and investments he made that resulted in losses, including deals where he invested money and lost it, or was subject to fraudulent business practices. However, he mentions that one of the best moments he had was making an online sale without talking to a prospect, which confirmed that what he was doing was working.

Wes cautions against putting too much trust in other people and not trusting oneself, as he faced troubles when he did that. Despite the challenges, he persevered and has built a successful company.

Key Points:

Wes started his business because he was frustrated with working in corporate America.
-Despite being the sole income earner of his large family with seven kids, he persisted and invested in himself to become a successful entrepreneur.
-Starting with no website or merchant account, Wes began his journey by cold calling and doing live events to make sales.
-By expanding his offerings, using more technology, and automating processes, Wes was able to scale his business and grow it over the years.
-Although he encountered challenges and made mistakes, Wes was able to pick and choose his clients and learn from his experiences to build a successful business that has lasted over 17 years.


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