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$1,000 + in Savings on Heating & Cooling Your Home with GeoThermal ❄️πŸ”₯From Hockey Rinks to Pools with GeoSmart Energy's Stephen Marco

βœ… GeoSmart Energy is a geothermal heating and cooling company that utilizes the earth's energy to heat and cool buildings.

βœ… Geothermal systems provide efficient heating and cooling by extracting heat from the ground, making them suitable for various projects like hockey rinks, curling clubs, and pools.

βœ… The energy produced during the cooling process can be used to heat other areas of the building, such as stands in a hockey rink or the pool in a multiplex.

βœ… Geothermal systems offer more efficiency than traditional heating and cooling methods, especially in colder climates where air source units become less effective.

βœ… The ground's constant temperature throughout the year makes geothermal the most efficient way to heat and cool a building.

βœ… Governments are offering incentives and grants to promote the adoption of geothermal technology, contributing to the industry's growth.

βœ… The demand for geothermal technology is increasing as more people understand its benefits and governments prioritize green initiatives.

βœ… Geothermal systems can help reduce reliance on oil and gas, providing a sustainable alternative for heating and cooling needs.

Episode 116 Summary:

In this episode 116 of "Failing to Success", Steven Marco, co-founder of GeoSmart Energy, discusses the advantages of geothermal heating and cooling systems. By utilizing the earth's energy, these systems offer efficient and sustainable solutions for various projects, including hockey rinks, curling clubs, and pools. Steven highlights how geothermal systems can transfer energy from cooling to heating areas, maximizing efficiency. He explains the significant role of government incentives in driving the industry's growth and emphasizes the importance of transitioning away from oil and gas. Throughout the conversation, the benefits, scalability, and future prospects of geothermal technology are explored, showcasing its potential as a reliable and eco-friendly alternative.


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