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178 | Solar, Battery Storage, and EV Charging | Tackling Climate Crisis through Renewable Energy with Ron Kamen from EarthKind Energy

🌱 Renewable Organs and Sustainability: Sharing a personal story about liver donation, highlighting the concept of renewable organs and its analogy to renewable energy sources.

⚡ Clean Energy Consulting: My extensive experience in clean energy policy and consulting with property owners for clean energy transitions, encompassing solar, battery storage, heat pumps, and EV charging.

🌍 Tackling Climate Crisis: Urgent need to transition to clean energy due to increasing extreme weather events. Clean energy not only mitigates environmental issues but also offers economic benefits and personal fulfillment.

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In this episode 178 of "Failing to Success", Ron Kamen, CEO of EarthKind Energy, delves into the concept of renewable organs and its parallel to renewable energy sources. With a strong background in clean energy policy, Ron discusses his work in consulting property owners for clean energy transitions. He emphasizes the pivotal role of clean energy in combating climate crises while saving costs and fostering a better future.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:12 Renewable Organs?

00:01:47 Renewables & Sustainability

00:09:15 Advice to New Entrepreneurs

00:10:20 Moving to a Clean Energy Society

00:11:15 Contact Ron

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