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How I Bought An Oil Field | Bringing AI & Machine Learning To The Oil and Gas Industry with Oleg Schkoda from Oilfield Strategic Solutions

📍 Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Entrepreneurs should embrace AI and ML technologies to revolutionize the oil and gas industry, focusing on faster exploration, drilling, and production processes to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency.

📍 Strategic Investments: Smart investments in oil fields, even smaller ones, can yield significant returns. By assembling a skilled team, leveraging stock exchange opportunities, and utilizing expertise, entrepreneurs can venture into oil field ownership successfully.

📍 Navigating Challenges: Owning an oil field in Congo involved navigating complexities, including dealing with government-owned refineries, local partners, and regulatory compliance. Relationships, language proficiency, and adaptability were key to success.

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In this episode 157 of "Failing to Success", Oleg Schkoda, the owner of Oilfield Strategic Solutions, shares his experiences and advice for entrepreneurs in the oil and gas industry. He narrates how he took advantage of a unique opportunity to buy a small oil field in Congo, involving strategic planning and forming a dedicated team. Oleg emphasizes the importance of using AI and ML technologies to improve various aspects of the oil and gas value chain, from exploration to refining, while reducing the carbon footprint. Additionally, he discusses the challenges and rewards of owning an oil field, particularly in an African setting, where relationships, adaptability, and local partnerships play vital roles.

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