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How Trusting Your Team Can 3X Your Business Growth - Step Back, Scale Up 🚀 + Strategic PR with Mickie Kennedy from eReleases

✅ Hiring the right people and trusting them to get the job done is crucial for business success.

✅ Micromanaging can hinder employee satisfaction and productivity.

✅ Stepping back from day-to-day operations can free up time for strategic tasks and business growth.

✅ Press release distribution platforms like eReleases serve small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts.

✅ The goal of a press release is to generate media coverage and original articles about the company or announcement.

✅ Strategic press releases, such as surveys or studies, can result in multiple original articles and increased visibility.

✅ is an example of a company that effectively uses surveys to generate media coverage and industry-specific articles.

Episode 117 Summary:

In this episode 117 of "Failing to Success", Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases, shares insights on the importance of hiring the right people and stepping back from micromanagement to achieve business growth. Mickie explains how he transformed his business by recognizing the need to trust his employees and focus on strategic tasks. He discusses the role of press release distribution platforms, highlighting their benefits for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Mickie emphasizes the value of press releases in generating media coverage and original articles, sharing success stories of clients who have utilized surveys and studies to achieve widespread visibility. The episode provides valuable advice for business owners and professionals seeking to optimize their hiring practices and leverage strategic press releases.

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