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162 | Electric Boats with Solar Panel Roofs with Freepower - The New Age of Renewable Boating with Martin Bjurmalm from Freepower

☀️ Green Innovation: Freepower's CEO, Martin Bjurmalm, revolutionizes boating with electric boats (EBs) powered by solar energy, tackling environmental concerns while offering efficient, multifunctional vessels.

⚙️ Innovative Design: EBs feature solar roofs, an app-based interface, and adaptable configurations, offering users a unique experience of clean energy and sustainable travel.

🌎 Individual Impact: Martin's journey from witnessing ocean pollution to founding Freepower demonstrates the impact individuals can make by leveraging their skills for positive change.

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In this episode 162 of "Failing to Success", Martin Bjurmalm, CEO of Freepower, introduces electric boats (EBs) fueled by solar energy, underscoring their unique design and multifunctional capabilities. Highlighting the company's focus on sustainability and adaptability, Martin shares how his environmental concerns spurred the creation of Freepower. The discussion touches on the transformative power of individual action in mitigating environmental challenges and driving innovative solutions.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:12 Electric Boats EB's

00:01:45 Ocean Pollution

00:06:08 Looking Toward the Future

00:07:12 Manufacturing Electric Boats

00:13:26 Contact Freepower

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