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Women Powering Sub-Saharan Africa with Solar Energy! 💡 Impactful Stories of Superhero Entrepreneurs with Katherine Lucey from Solar Sister

✅ Transitioning from union electrician to renewable energy entrepreneur, driven by passion for green energy.

✅ Founding Tri-Force Energy to standardize technical solar field services and support regional mom-and-pop solar businesses.

✅ Emphasizing the value of gaining experience, building confidence, and taking calculated risks in entrepreneurship.

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In this episode 145 of "Failing to Success", Jesse Waters, co-founder of Tri-Force Energy, shares his inspiring journey from union electrician to the renewables field. Embracing the green energy wave, he ventured into solar by learning from mentors and overcoming personal challenges. With Tri-Force Energy, Jesse aims to establish consistency and standardization in solar field services, supporting regional businesses and sharing knowledge with newcomers. The podcast delves into the dynamic world of solar technology, entrepreneurship, and the value of taking control of one's destiny.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:20 Fatma from Tanzania

00:04:57 Starting Solar Sister

00:06:59 The Economics

00:14:14 Contact Solar Sister

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