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$100 Million via Mergers & Acquisitions - Creating a Portfolio of Industrial Manufacturing Companies with Jules Brenner from Industrial Succession

✅ Acquiring businesses in the industrial sector and providing succession plans for small manufacturers.

✅ Combining engineering and business skills to add technology to traditional industries.

✅ Focusing on manufacturing, particularly in Southern California, to leverage existing knowledge and skills.

✅ Taking on one project at a time to ensure stability and consistent performance.

✅ Finding businesses through direct calls and broker relationships to expand acquisition opportunities.

✅ Building a community of diversified metal manufacturing companies with specialized niches.

✅ Saving jobs and creating stability through technology utilization and efficient operations.

✅ Throttling sales efforts and utilizing localized knowledge to achieve operating leverage.

✅ Offering business owners a succession plan and the opportunity to invest in a growing entity.

✅ Cross-selling services and capturing larger portions of contracts through a pool of businesses.

📝 Episode 119 Summary:

In this episode 119 of "Failing to Success", we have Jules Brenner from Industrial Succession, an acquirer and manager of small business manufacturers in the industrial sector. Jules shares his journey of combining engineering and business skills, leading him to focus on acquiring and growing manufacturing companies. He discusses the importance of sticking to what he knows and leveraging technology to create stable and efficient businesses. Jules also highlights the need for succession planning in the metal manufacturing community, particularly in Southern California. The goal is to build a diversified group of specialized companies while preserving jobs and providing opportunities for investors. The episode emphasizes the benefits of localized operations, cross-selling services, and capturing larger contracts through a pool of businesses.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:51 M&A in Industrial Manufacturing

00:02:39 The Path Forward

00:08:23 Collecting Small Businesses

00:10:47 Contact Jules

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