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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Josue Yon on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Apr 01, 2023. The discussion revolves around Josue Yon's success after overcoming challenges at Diffusion Marketing. The information shared about Diffusion Marketing is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Josue Yon

In this episode, Josue Yon talks about how he started his company and why he decided to focus on car dealerships. He shares his insights into the car dealership industry and explains how his company provides marketing services to dealerships of all sizes. Learn about the importance of a structured system for handling leads and why having at least two salespeople exclusively responding to leads is crucial for success. Discover the secrets to marketing for car dealerships and how Josue Yon has turned his failures into success.

How did Josue Yon With Diffusion Marketing Grow Their Business?

Josue Yon from Diffusion Marketing, who specializes in marketing for car dealerships, joins Chad Kaleky in another episode of Failing to Success. Yon talks about how he started his company, initially focusing on tattoo shops before moving to car dealerships. He explains how he saw greater potential for profit in car dealerships as they require fewer clients to become profitable. Yon emphasizes the importance of car dealerships having a structure in place to handle leads and the need for at least two salespeople to exclusively respond to the leads he brings.

Initially, Yon had targeted tattoo shops, but he quickly realized that they needed a lot of clients to become profitable. With a focus on car dealerships, he only needs to bring in three or four clients for the dealership to become profitable since they make around $2,000 to $5,000 per customer. Yon's father owns a partnership in the industry, so he was familiar with the workings of car dealerships from an early age. For Yon to work with a car dealership, they must have at least 50 cars in their inventory and two salespeople who respond exclusively to the leads he brings.

Yon's company works with dealerships of all sizes, and over time his clients have gotten bigger. Large players like Lithia and Sonic own many dealerships, and Yon works with these companies as well. Yon's company provides various services to dealerships, such as creating ads, producing videos, and managing social media.

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