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The Business Journey That Started with Cleaning Pools & Landed in Selling a Coaching Company with Chris Castillo from EOS Worldwide

✅ Transitioning from a stable job to starting a business requires adaptability and a willingness to learn.

✅ Building a business from scratch involves acquiring new skills, such as invoicing, budgeting, and client management.

✅ Focusing on a specific niche can lead to better opportunities and growth.

✅ Scaling a business requires finding ways to be more efficient and strategic.

✅ Partnership and collaboration can be instrumental in expanding and evolving a business.

✅ Running a business with a spouse can be challenging but can also lead to great results if roles and boundaries are clearly defined.

✅ Personal and professional relationships may evolve separately, and it's important to adapt and grow individually.

🔍 Episode 111 Summary:

In this episode 111 of "Failing to Success", Chris Castillo shares his journey from working at a big corporation to starting his own pool business and eventually transitioning into coaching and consulting. He emphasizes the need for adaptability and learning as he navigated through different ventures. Chris highlights the importance of acquiring new skills and learning how to run a business while sharing his experience of building a pool service business from scratch. He discusses the significance of niche targeting and finding a specific area of expertise that sets a business apart. Chris also delves into the challenges and rewards of running a business with a spouse and the importance of clear roles and boundaries. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and experiences for entrepreneurs and business owners.

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00:01:32 Starting a Business

00:05:32 The Next Business

00:09:04 Working with Your Spouse

00:11:03 Blending Business with Family

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