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Air Force Special Forces Turned Wind Turbine Torque and Tension Entrepreneur Embrace Failure with William Friedl from Prometheus Wind

Key Talking Points:

✅ The military environment and the mindset shift required for success.

✅ The impact of failure and the two different philosophies of dealing with it

✅ Overcoming self-doubt and building confidence through positive support and learning from failure

✅ The importance of mindset and its effect on leadership and personal performance

✅ Starting a business and the necessity of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success

✅ The advantages of having a trusted partner in entrepreneurship

✅ Personal growth and strengthening sibling relationships through shared business experiences

✅ Choosing wind turbines as a means to positively impact employees and the environment

✅ The growth potential and changing landscape of the wind industry

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Will Friedl, founder of Prometheus Wind, shares insights from his military background and the mindset shift required to navigate high-stress environments. He emphasizes the importance of learning from failure and highlights the contrasting philosophies of embracing failure as an opportunity for growth. Will discusses his transition to entrepreneurship and the value of having a trusted partner. He also explains the motivation behind choosing wind turbines as a means to positively impact employees and the environment. Lastly, he shares his perspective on the future of the wind industry and its potential for growth and transformation.

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William Friedl from Prometheus Wind:

Chad Kaleky from Cosmic Design:


00:00:00 Intro

00:00:31 Air Force Background

00:04:30 Starting His First Company

00:06:28 Why Wind Turbines?

00:09:44 Contact Will

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