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Revolutionizing Wind Power by Flying to a Greener Future 🌍: How Kitemill Soars Above Wind Turbines with Thomas Hårklau

✅ Airborne wind energy utilizes kites to harness wind resources at higher altitudes, increasing production with fewer materials and lower investment costs.

✅ This technology has high impact potential, offering high efficiency rates and a more mobile energy production system.

✅ Pivoting early, despite challenges, is essential for long-term success and avoiding potential pitfalls in the renewable energy industry.

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In this episode 142 of "Failing to Success", Thomas Hårklau, CEO of Kitemill, discusses airborne wind energy as the next-generation technology for wind power. By using kites to harvest wind resources at higher altitudes, airborne wind energy offers higher production yields with reduced investment costs compared to traditional wind turbines. The technology operates using a glider aircraft in a circular crosswind pattern, producing energy efficiently and demonstrating a high availability of energy supply. Thomas emphasizes the importance of pivoting early during the concept evaluation phase to address challenges and make significant revisions for long-term success in the renewable energy industry.

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00:00:07 Airborne Wind Energy

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