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176 | Venture Capital Perspective on Transformative Technologies: AI, Quantum Computing & Blockchain with Susan Lindeque from Avestix

🔍 Embrace Exponential Technologies: Dive into blockchain, AI, quantum computing, and more; these disruptive technologies are reshaping industries and businesses.

🌐 Global Transformation: Blockchain's potential extends far beyond cryptocurrency; it's evolving into a tool for digital transformation, promising efficiency and transparency across various sectors.

💡 Entrepreneurial Insights: Building a VC firm requires solid team partnerships, strong networks, understanding industry dynamics, and selecting startups with potential for traction and leadership.

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In this episode 176 of "Failing to Success", Susan Lindeque, CEO of Avestix, discusses the transformative power of exponential technologies such as AI, quantum computing, and blockchain. Starting with blockchain's potential to reshape businesses and industries through transparent, efficient systems, she highlights its future integration with digital currencies. Lindeque explores the critical aspects of venture capital (VC) firms, emphasizing the significance of strong teams, networks, and due diligence in startup selection. She sheds light on the disruptive influence of AI in education and industry, urging individuals to embrace AI for job adaptability.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:20 AI, Quantum Computing & Blockchain

00:01:47 Starting a VC Firm

00:06:56 Picking Unicorns

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