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From Coal to Clean Energy: The Inspiring Story of NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions with Russ Bates

In this episode of the "Failing to Success" the host, Chad Kaleky, speaks with Russ Bates, the CEO of NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions, about his company and the transition from working in the coal industry to clean energy. Bates explains that clean energy involves many things, including solar and wind energy, micro wind turbines, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations. Bates also offers consultation services to help clients develop clean energy projects from concept to completion. The company offers a "one-stop-shop" approach, looking at all possible solutions and options, and providing clients with the most financially viable solution.

Russ Bates began his career in the coal industry, but transitioned to clean energy in 2017. NXTGEN Clean Energy Solutions offers consultation services for clients looking to develop clean energy projects. The company offers a one-stop-shop approach and views projects from the owner's perspective, taking into account financial viability, potential for expansion or contraction, and property ownership. The company specializes in micro wind turbines, battery storage, electric vehicle charging stations, solar lighting, and roadway street lighting.

The future of the clean energy industry is bright, with Bates predicting significant growth in the next few years. He believes that battery storage and electric vehicles will become increasingly important, and that the focus on sustainability will continue to drive the industry forward.

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