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$36 Million Dollar Real Estate Asset Acquisition Challenges and Lessons Learned πŸ’πŸ’°Mega Asset Tips with Quentin DSouza

βœ… Quentin DSouza shares his experience of acquiring his first $36 million real estate asset, highlighting the challenges and lessons learned.

βœ… Building a strong network of accredited investors is crucial for raising funds and successfully closing large real estate deals.

βœ… Pushing outside your comfort zone and taking calculated risks can lead to achieving more than you thought possible.

βœ… Quentin emphasizes the importance of having a vertically integrated business model and leveraging various components to scaffold success.

βœ… Writing books can serve as a legacy piece and a way to bring awareness to one's expertise, attracting potential investors and clients.

βœ… Real estate investing offers high returns and control over the investment, making it an attractive option for business owners.

βœ… In the current environment, creative financing and terms play a crucial role in acquiring properties and maximizing return on investment.


In this episode 127 of "Failing to Success", real estate entrepreneur Quentin DSouza joins Chad to discuss his journey of acquiring his first $36 million asset. Quentin shares the challenges he faced when closing the deal and raising the necessary funds. Despite initial nerves and doubts, he successfully formed a partnership and raised $10 million within a tight 60-day timeframe.

Quentin emphasizes the importance of pushing outside one's comfort zone and exceeding self-imposed limitations. Stepping into larger real estate acquisitions opened doors to greater opportunities and revealed untapped potential. The experience taught him the value of taking calculated risks and striving for more.

With a vertically integrated business model, Quentin highlights the significance of having various components that support and scaffold the success of his real estate ventures. He runs a real estate investment club, authors books, and manages property renovations and rentals, creating multiple streams of income and enhancing his overall business.

Quentin's story showcases the power of perseverance and the benefits of a strategic and diversified approach to real estate investing. He encourages business owners and aspiring investors to consider the profitability and control that real estate offers. In the current market environment, creative financing and terms are essential to successfully acquiring properties and maximizing return on investment.


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00:06:26 Getting Started in Real Estate

00:09:36 Acquisition During Weak Economic Conditions

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