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Million-Dollar Business Building How To Tips & Traps for Maximizing Value to Sell and Have an ExitπŸ’ΈπŸ’Ž with Paul Carroll from Avion Wealth

βœ… Building a successful business requires a consultative, professional, and process-oriented approach.

βœ… Self-managing businesses with quality processes are more valuable and attractive to potential buyers.

βœ… Maximize the value of your business by focusing on the net present value of future cash flows rather than emotional attachment.

βœ… Clean books and separate personal expenses from the business to improve its value and prepare for a future sale.

βœ… Seek expert advice and assemble a pre-qualified team of professionals when navigating the complex process of selling a business.

βœ… Understand the tax implications of different sale structures, such as asset sales and stock sales.

βœ… Be prepared for earnout periods and negotiate carefully to minimize risk and potential clawbacks.


In this episode 132 of "Failing to Success", Paul Carroll, founder of Avion Wealth, shares his journey and insights as an entrepreneur and wealth management expert. Paul emphasizes the importance of a consultative and process-oriented approach in building a successful business. He highlights the value of self-managing businesses with quality processes and clean books, as well as the need to separate personal expenses from the business to maximize its value. Paul also discusses the complexities of selling a business and offers advice on navigating the process, including assembling a team of experts, understanding tax implications, and preparing for earnout periods. This episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the wealth management industry.


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00:04:24 Transition from Aviation to Wealth Management

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