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Chad Kaleky conducts an interview with Marty Keiser on his podcast "Failing to Success" on Nov 28, 2023. The discussion revolves around Marty Keiser's success after overcoming challenges at IVBH Studio. The information shared about IVBH Studio is derived entirely from this podcast episode.

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Marty Keiser

Overcoming Health Challenges: Marty Keiser's personal story involves his father's business, the sacrifices made in prioritizing Marty's health, facing financial struggles while trying to treat a rare condition, and ultimately succeeding against the odds.

How did Marty Keiser With IVBH Studio Grow Their Business?

✅ Overcoming Health Challenges: Marty Keiser's personal story involves his father's business, the sacrifices made in prioritizing Marty's health, facing financial struggles while trying to treat a rare condition, and ultimately succeeding against the odds.

✅ Role of Failure in Entrepreneurship: Highlighting the importance of discussing the experiences of children of founders, Marty emphasizes the lessons from failure, mindset shifts, and the ability to find silver linings crucial for entrepreneurship.

✅ Importance of Early Disease Detection: Emphasizing the significance of early detection, Marty discusses IVBH's goal to preserve quality of life at stage zero, sharing details about the success of their early detection breast test.

🌐 Episode Summary:

In this episode 272, Marty Keiser, CEO of IVBH Studio, shares a deeply personal journey from family hardship to entrepreneurial success. Growing up in the shadow of his father's business failure due to the cost of treating Marty's rare medical condition, Marty delves into the sacrifices his family made to secure his health. The story unfolds into an inspiring narrative of resilience, unexpected skills, and the silver linings found in adversity.

Keiser emphasizes the impact of childhood experiences on his career, revealing how early challenges, such as not participating in sports, led him to the drama program. This unexpected turn became a pivotal experience, shaping his ability to communicate effectively and succeed in a 13-year Wall Street career.

Transitioning to his role as the founder of IVBH, Marty introduces the company's mission in the medical tech space—developing early detection blood tests for diseases. The focus extends beyond conventional late-stage diagnoses, emphasizing preserving quality of life at stage zero. IVBH's unique approach combines big data, AI, and strategic partnerships, fostering innovation while prioritizing capital efficiency.

Keiser concludes by announcing a breakthrough in IVBH's early detection breast test and articulates the company's bold vision. IVBH aspires to evolve from an early detection company to an "early everything" company, revolutionizing disease prediction, detection, and treatment.


00:00 Intro

01:02 Marty's Personal Story: Overcoming Health Challenges

04:48 The Impact of Marty's Childhood Experiences on His Career

06:49 The Role of Failure in Entrepreneurship

08:26 Introduction to IVBH and Its Mission

09:48 The Importance of Early Disease Detection

10:55 The Success of IVBH's Early Detection Breast Test

12:49 The Unique Approach of IVBH in the Medical Tech Space

14:45 The Importance of Capital Efficiency in Healthcare Innovation

19:42 How to Connect with IVBH for Collaboration

20:37 The Future Vision of IVBH

In a world where personal and professional success stories are often glorified, we rarely hear about the challenges faced by the children of founders, entrepreneurs, or business owners. Marty Keiser, the CEO of IVBH Studio, is one such individual who has a story that goes beyond the norm. Marty's journey from a life-altering medical condition to leading a global leader in liquid biopsy is nothing short of inspiring. In this blog post, we delve into Marty's personal experiences, his mission to revolutionize early disease detection, and the remarkable products being developed by IVBH Studio.

Section 1: Early Life Challenges
When Marty was born, his father was carrying an expensive insurance policy as a self-employed person. However, a few months later, Marty's parents noticed a difference in the shape of his right leg. After a series of doctor's appointments, Marty was diagnosed with congenital suit arthrosis of the tibia, a condition that left him missing a part of his shinbone. Unfortunately, this condition was classified as a pre-existing condition, making it nearly impossible for Marty's family to secure insurance coverage for necessary treatments. Marty's parents made tremendous sacrifices to prioritize his health, resulting in financial struggles and the loss of their house and cars.

Section 2: Overcoming Adversity
Despite the challenges, Marty's parents were determined to find alternative treatments and surgeries for their son's condition. They explored every option, even though successful procedures meant potential long-term consequences for Marty. Eventually, they found a surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City who had only performed the risky procedure a few times before. Marty became the first and youngest child to successfully undergo the procedure, ultimately saving his leg and providing a renewed sense of hope.

Section 3: The Impact on Marty's Journey
Marty's early experiences had a profound influence on his personal and professional development. Unable to participate in sports due to his medical condition, he decided to pursue drama in high school. This led to him becoming the class actor and honing his ability to communicate effectively and engage with an audience. Marty's theatrical experiences later translated into his successful career in finance and sales on Wall Street.

Section 4: The Founding of IVBH Studio
Marty's ambition to make a lasting impact on society and leave a meaningful legacy led him to found IVBH Studio. IVBH is a trailblazer in the field of liquid biopsy, specializing in early disease detection and precision diagnostics. Their groundbreaking blood tests have the potential to detect diseases at their earliest stages, offering patients better treatment outcomes and preserving their quality of life. IVBH's focus goes beyond just catching diseases early; they aim to revolutionize the field by unlocking the potential for quality of life preservation at stage zero.

Section 5: Advancing Medical Technology
IVBH Studio's products are powered by cutting-edge technology, including the use of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). Marty and his team leverage AI throughout the entire process, from biomarker discovery to commercialization. By combining scientific and business perspectives, IVBH has been able to develop best-in-class products at a fraction of the cost typically associated with the healthcare industry. Their capital efficiency approach ensures that their products can be priced affordably, maximizing their social and financial impact.

Section 6: Collaborating for a Better Future
IVBH Studio's commitment to collaboration and partnership sets them apart in the healthcare industry. Marty emphasizes the importance of leveraging existing expertise and infrastructure to speed up the development process and improve outcomes. By working together with scientific advisors, business partners, investors, and patients, IVBH aims to evolve from an early detection company to an "early everything" company. Their vision is to predict, detect, and treat diseases earlier, ultimately making disease a manageable part of everyday life.

Marty Keiser's journey from adversity to success exemplifies the power of resilience and the ability to find silver linings in challenging situations. Through IVBH Studio, Marty and his team are leading the charge in revolutionizing early disease detection and prioritizing quality of life preservation. By combining scientific innovation, capital efficiency, and the collaborative spirit, IVBH Studio is poised to forever transform the world of healthcare. We are excited to see the continued impact of IVBH's products and their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

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