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175 | Pushing Climate Action in Wastewater Energy Recovery | Turning Sewage into Electricity Savings with Lynn Mueller from SHARC Energy Systems

✅ Retirement Surprise: Retirement didn't stick as Lynn realized his passion lay in tackling the problem of wasted energy in wastewater, catalyzed by a desire to address environmental concerns for his grandchildren.

✅ Wastewater's Hidden Energy: Wastewater holds immense untapped renewable energy potential, as evidenced by its 200 trillion gallons daily flow worldwide, making sewage heat recovery a sustainable solution.

✅ Environmental Impact: Recovering energy from sewage significantly reduces carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependency, highlighting its crucial role in combating climate change.

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In this episode 175 of "Failing to Success", Lynn Mueller, CEO of Sharc Energy Systems, shares his unconventional journey from retirement to revolutionizing energy recovery from wastewater. Lynn's epiphany about wasted energy in wastewater, driven by his granddaughter's concerns about the environment, led to the founding of Sharc Energy Systems. Their innovative technology harnesses the colossal thermal energy potential stored in sewage, heating apartments and providing hot water. Lynn's story emphasizes the immense impact even small-scale efforts can have on mitigating climate change.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:14 Retirement Didn't Last

00:01:54 Wastewater as a Renewable Energy Source

00:08:05 Obstacles in Implementation

00:10:34 Solving Uncomfortable Problems

00:12:44 Advice to New Entrepreneurs

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