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Modular Nuclear Reactors Can Solve the Energy Crisis? The Shocking Reality of Rapid Electrification with Katherine Johnson from Johnson Consulting Group

⚡ Energy Transition Realism: Rapid electrification, solar, wind, and EVs are important but lack infrastructure and training. Electric grid development took decades; current pace is unrealistic.

🌐 Diverse Energy Mix: Coal, gas, nuclear, and renewables all have roles. Modular nuclear plants offer localized solutions for power needs, especially in remote areas.

🏗️ Infrastructure Challenges: Electrification demands a robust grid. Energy efficiency is key; start with well-insulated homes. Soft skills, mentorship, and networks are vital in business growth.

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In this episode 153 of "Failing to Success", Katherine Johnson, President of Johnson Consulting Group, discusses the energy sector's challenges. Rapid electrification, solar, wind, and EVs lack supporting infrastructure, echoing historical grid development taking decades. Coal, gas, and modular nuclear solutions complement renewables. Energy efficiency and soft skills, including mentorship and networking, are crucial for business success.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:25 Problems in the Energy Sector

00:02:45 Modular Nuclear Power

00:08:42 Advice to New Entrepreneurs

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