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Pricing Your Product - Testing your Market - Discovering your Niche - The Startup Journey of Dialog with Justin Vajko

In this episode of the Failing to Success podcast, Chad Kaleky from Cosmic Design interviews Justin Vajko, the owner of Dialog, a company that helps entrepreneurs create videos for social media. Justin talks about how he got into the video production space after spending a long time in graphic design and marketing jobs. He stumbled into employer branding, which is the idea of selling job opportunities to potential candidates using social media and video. Through doing remote interviews for employer branding, Justin realized the need for a scalable video service that bridged the gap for people who want to share their thoughts on video but don't have the time or knowledge. This led to the creation of Dialog.

Dialog is not a software but a service that helps people who want to create videos but don't know what to say or don't have the time. Dialog schedules 30 minutes of their time with a producer who walks them through using their existing equipment and lighting, which could be their phone, which has a 4K camera on it. Dialog records around five to 10 questions about the thought leadership point they want to be known for, and every time they answer, that's a different video that Dialog produces and sends back to them. This is a pretty straightforward process that only takes 30 minutes of someone's time and produces multiple videos.

Justin has been running Dialog full-time since 2018, and the new pivot to focus on video has only been around for three to four months. They are finding good traction with people who are too busy or don't have the technical aptitude to produce their own video. Dialog's audience wants something nicer than just a cell phone video, and they appreciate the affordability of the service. Justin explains that there are many software solutions for video, but they don't solve the problem of people not having the time. Onsite video agencies can be expensive, but Dialog bridges the gap by providing an affordable and scalable video service.


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