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Switching from Automotive Sales to Solar Panels: One Man's Business Journey to the Energy Sector with Josh Koehler from SR Solar New Hampshire

✅ Starting a new business involves a learning curve, understanding the product, and the customer's needs.

✅ Leverage your existing skills and experiences from previous industries to transition into a new business.

✅ Self-starting mentality is crucial in exploring and understanding new industries and products.

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In this episode 152 of "Failing to Success", Josh Koehler, founder of SR Solar New Hampshire, shares his experiences in starting a solar energy sales and installation company. He discusses the learning curve involved in transitioning from his automotive background to the solar industry, highlighting the importance of self-starting and seeking information from various sources. Josh's focus on residential solar allowed him to target a broader customer base and simplify the sales process. Leveraging his marketing expertise, he effectively used online platforms and vendor shows to grow the business. His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes that starting a business is not as complicated as it may seem, encouraging them to concentrate on the basics and utilize available resources.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:14 The Learning Curve

00:05:34 Self-Starting

00:10:45 Starting Your First Business Advice

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