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258 | $60 Million Raised on The Quest for Clean Energy with John O'Donnell from Rondo

    1. Quest for Clean Energy: The pursuit of clean energy at a competitive cost for industry, particularly in decarbonizing the heat sector, is crucial in today's world. 🌍
    2. Learning from Failures: Past endeavors provided invaluable insights. The importance of making technology bankable and having enduring financial backers was recognized. 👩‍🔬
    3. The Gray Hair Factor: The path to raising significant funding and securing notable investors involves experience, a transformative vision, and the ability to align solutions with market needs. 💡

    In episode 258, John O'Donnell, CEO of RONDO, a company dedicated to delivering low-cost, zero-emission industrial heat and power, discusses the journey towards a sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

    Over the past 15 years, O'Donnell's mission has been clear: provide clean energy that's as affordable or cheaper than carbon-based sources, focusing on the heat component of industrial energy use. Despite past failures in the pursuit of clean energy, valuable lessons were learned, emphasizing the significance of making technology "bankable." O'Donnell believes the key to success is having technology that's economically viable from the start.

    The decision to embark on the journey of RONDO was influenced by the realization that intermittent electricity generated from wind and solar had become cheaper than traditional fossil fuels. The aim is to create a bridge between these intermittent energy sources and industry by providing large-scale energy storage solutions.

    O'Donnell also highlights the importance of choosing problems to solve based on their criticality. For him, addressing climate change is a top priority, emphasizing that every engineer, scientist, and business person should contribute to solving the challenges of climate change.


    00:00 Intro

    00:15 John's Journey with RONDO

    00:29 Delivering Clean Energy

    01:44 Challenges and Solutions in Clean Energy

    03:14 Learning from Past Failures

    03:41 Business Exits and Strategies

    04:47 Securing Investments and Partnerships

    06:59 Raising $60 Million

    09:36 Advice for New Startup Founders

    11:25 Contact Rondo

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