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171 | Selling Your Startup | How to Build a Company then Successfully Exit | Learnings from GE Sale with Jacques Ludik from Cortex Logic

📌 Successful Exit: Selling a company like Jacques Ludik's to a major player like General Electric is a dream for entrepreneurs, showcasing the potential of AI-driven ventures.

📌 Strategic Focus: Making smart decisions, like focusing on specific industries, enables growth. Cortex Logic chose the industrial sector, leveraging data for impactful AI solutions.

📌 Partnering for Success: Strategic partnerships, both with clients and distribution partners, can enhance credibility and expand market reach.

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In this episode 171 of "Failing to Success", Jacques Ludik, CEO of Cortex Logic, delves into his journey of creating and selling AI-driven businesses, particularly his experience of selling a company to General Electric (GE). The discussion unveils the process of the acquisition, the key lessons learned, and the strategic decisions that led to success. Ludik emphasizes the significance of aligning with the right partners, focusing on specific industries, and the value of data in developing real-time AI solutions. The episode also covers the challenges of innovation within large corporations and the immense potential of AI to drive business growth.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:15 The Big Exit - Selling to GE

00:02:35 Lessons Learned

00:12:54 How to Get Acquired by GE

00:14:52 Books Authored by Jacques

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