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164 | Bootstrapping vs. Raising Capital | Renewable Energy CEO Insights | Investing in Solar Energy with Ian De la Garza from Fin Solar

✅ Bootstrapping too early in a market can lead to cash depletion and loss of focus.

✅ Capital infusion aids in market timing and maintaining business focus.

✅ Accountability and board involvement are key benefits of raising capital.

✅ Fin Solar's innovative model leverages accelerated depreciation and long-term finance for solar panel investments.

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In this episode 164 of "Failing to Success", Ian de La Garza, CEO of Fin Solar, discusses the pivotal choices between bootstrapping and raising capital, sharing insights from his experiences in the renewable energy industry. Ian highlights the drawbacks of early-stage bootstrapping, underscoring the importance of timing and focused investment. He emphasizes the benefits of accountability, board involvement, and raising capital for achieving business objectives. Ian elaborates on Fin Solar's innovative platform, which facilitates large corporations to invest in renewable energy through long-term financing and accelerated depreciation, effectively reducing energy costs and meeting sustainability targets. This model creates a synergy where corporations gain financial advantages and sustainability goals, while Fin Solar thrives on growth. Ian also touches on the company's growth trajectory and geographic scope, underscoring Mexico's current focus due to unique tax and energy considerations.

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00:00:15 Bootstrapping vs. Raising Capital

00:03:08 Picking the Right Investors

00:05:28 Using the Fin Solar Platform

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