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Applying Acceptance in Business: Adapting to Change and Uncertainty Help to Navigate Challenges with Gabriel Andreson from Inovis Energy

🔄 Embracing Transition: Accepting and being comfortable with constant transitions and uncertainties is essential for personal growth and adaptability in career and life.

🧠 Power of Acceptance: Acceptance involves recognizing what's within and beyond control, facilitating better decision-making and emotional well-being.

💼 Applying Acceptance: In business, accepting change and uncertainty helps navigate challenges like holding people accountable, making tough decisions, and addressing energy supply issues.

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In this episode 151 of "Failing to Success", Gabriel Andreson, Co-founder and President of Inovis Energy, discusses the importance of embracing change and uncertainties. Acceptance, recognizing what's controllable and what's not, is pivotal for personal growth and business success. Within the energy sector, accepting transitions helps address challenges like energy supply constraints and accountability.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:01:39 Getting Comfortable with the Undefined

00:02:10 Practicing Acceptance

00:05:21 Biggest Problems in Energy

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