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The Never Surrender Mentality - Tangible Experience - Taking Calculated Risks with Doug Winston from D&M Electrical Contracting Inc.

📌 Pivotal moment: Guidance counselor's suggestion leads to pursuing a career as an electrician and eventually starting own electrical contracting business.

📌 Overcoming struggles: Faced bankruptcy scare twice, but persevered with a "never surrender" mentality and strategic problem-solving.

📌 Comfort and risk: Balancing discomfort for growth with a level of comfort necessary to take calculated risks.

📌 Skepticism towards consultants: Emphasizes the importance of tangible experience and profitability over empty promises of sales increase.

📌 Dealing with challenges: Confronting clients for payment and resolving issues by assertively communicating with the decision-makers.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Doug Winston shares a pivotal moment in his life when a guidance counselor steered him towards becoming an electrician, ultimately leading to the founding of his successful electrical contracting company. He reflects on overcoming struggles, including near-bankruptcy experiences, which reinforced his "never surrender" mentality. Doug emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between discomfort and comfort when taking risks. He expresses skepticism towards business consultants who lack hands-on experience and profit-oriented strategies. Doug also highlights the significance of assertive communication in resolving challenges, emphasizing the need to confront clients for payment directly.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:13 Background

00:02:57 The Aha Moment

00:04:43 Struggles Along the Way

00:08:08 Thoughts on Business Consultants

00:08:55 When the Jobs Gets Bigger Than Expected

00:11:10 Taking Calculated Risks

00:17:05 Contact Doug

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