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Real Estate Secrets for Physicians & Prioritize Self-Care as a Business Owner to Better Serve Others with Daniel Ward from The Ward Institute

✅ Prioritize self-care as a business owner to better serve your team and clients.

✅ Embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning.

✅ Consider real estate investment to secure financial freedom and support fellow professionals.

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In this episode 149 of "Failing to Success", entrepreneur Daniel Ward shares the significance of prioritizing self-care as a business owner. He explains how investing in oneself enables better leadership and empowers teams to deliver exceptional services. Daniel also discusses the valuable lessons he learned from business challenges and how personal development books shaped his journey. Transitioning from medicine to real estate, he emphasizes the importance of helping physicians achieve financial freedom through office condo investments.

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00:00:13 Self-Care

00:03:11 Favorite Books

00:05:56 From Doctoring to Real Estate

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