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Sustainable Construction - Integrating Solar Panels in Building Materials - Leaving a Legacy with Danial Hadizadeh from Mitrex

Key Points:

🟢 Evolution of Mitrex: Started 20 years ago as a company optimizing construction materials. In 2015, evolved into Mitrex Solar, integrating solar into sustainable construction materials. Manufacturing of solar integrated products began in 2021.

🟢 Embrace Failure: Learning from failures is essential. Analyze failures closely to understand why they occurred and improve upon them. Failure is a necessary part of the journey to success.

🟢 Overcoming Challenges: Mitrex tackled challenges in solar integration, including producing panels in different sizes, improving aesthetics, and ensuring non-combustibility. Persistence and problem-solving skills are vital.

🟢 Organic Growth: Mitrex adopted an organic approach, focusing on one corner at a time and gradually expanding into other products. Avoid spreading resources too thin and define the route to the solution.

🟢 Impressive Installations: Mitrex has numerous projects, including the University of Halifax, a tall residential building in North America using solar, hotels, and the innovative Geo Lago project in Quebec.

🟢 Growing Solar Industry: The solar industry is expected to expand significantly in size and scope in the coming years, with Mitrex positioned uniquely at the intersection of solar and construction.

🟢 Advice for Entrepreneurs: Understand problems independently, focus on first principles, and add value. Sustainability is a long-term wave, and building in that space can be rewarding and impactful.

🟢 Leaving a Footprint: Pivotal moment: Reflecting on the desire to leave a meaningful legacy, Danial Hadizadeh recognized the importance of creating something innovative and impactful for future generations.

🟢 Long-Term Perspective: Having a child sparked a shift in perspective towards minimizing regrets and considering the long-term impact of one's actions.

Episode Summary:

In this episode, Chad interviews Danial Hadizadeh, the founder of Mitrex, a company that integrates solar cells into construction materials. Danial shares the evolution of Mitrex, which started with the goal of improving construction materials and eventually shifted towards integrating solar technology for sustainability. He highlights the challenges faced in developing solar integrated products, including sizing flexibility, aesthetics, and combustibility. Despite these hurdles, Mitrex persevered, embracing failures and learning from them. Danial discusses their organic growth strategy and the impressive projects they have undertaken, such as the University of Halifax and the Geo Lago project in Quebec. The conversation also touches on the future of the solar industry and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Danial emphasizes the importance of sustainability and taking a long-term perspective in business decisions. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the journey of Mitrex and the possibilities of solar integration in the construction industry.

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00:00:00 Intro

00:00:16 Background of Mitrex

00:02:02 Research and Development

00:03:48 Solving the Problem

00:05:00 Installation Applications

00:06:55 Advice to New Entrepreneurs

00:08:18 Pivotal Moment

00:09:30 Contact Danial

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